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About Patou

Hi there, my real name is Patricia.

I was born in Gran Canaria in 1989. Until I was 18 years old I lived with my family in a small fisher village on the south of the island

 I moved to Tenerife in 2007  to study Art.

I was in love with the Island and the people i had around so, once i finished my studies in 2013 i stayed  one more year and i worked in a Hotel as Entertainment Monitor. 

In 2014  I moved with this Job to Málaga (Spain) for a couple of Months and it changed my life - I found there what is now my family in Germany. At the end of that Year i was  already living in Cologne  and 7 years later i am still living here.
In this time i had most of the time little Jobs and i did Paints exibitions  to earn some money.
In 2017 i did my first Tattoos.

Aproximately one year later of practice in my private place, i got the opportunity to work in a Studio with two amazing talented tattoo Artists, Alejandro Borreli and Paula Roesch. They were from the beginnin next to me when i started professionally and i am always ispired by Paula´s delicate style (visit  - now they are part of my family here too. 

In 2020 i decided to change a bit my routine so i planed to start with Nadine Miegesel and Natalie Pinzauti in Atelier Noir Nu.

One year later i share the Studio in the city center in Köln with Laura, Kerstin and Sarah. Beautiful mix of Vintage Shop and Tattoo.

Let´s see what this wonderfull  present bring us…

I have to thank all my family and friends to have trusted in my talent. I love my job and i wouldn`t ever  have imagine to be where i am now.
Love you all,

About Patou: Mein Profil
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